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Villa Royale Dining

We Are Proud to Be Your Host

We invite you to Villa Royale to experience a Dining experience like no other. Our various formal and informal dining areas, including the wine cellar, terrace and outdoor grill area are fully serviced with an executive chef offering 5-star, world class cuisine to satisfy the taste of any palate. We are happy to accommodate any special requests from our guests. In addition, we have partnered with exclusive restaurants within the vicinity of Sandton to source preferred meals upon request to be enjoyed at your leisure.

Fine Dining Experience

Filet De Saumon
Fine Dining
The Villa offers the perfect setting for a Unique Dining Experience with fresh, local and seasonal cuisine.
High Tea
Let Villa Royale indulge you in this sophisticated and leisurely experience with an assortment of savouries and pastries accompanied by a choice of teas from around the world.
World-class Wines
Our wine cellar and bar comprises a comprehensive portfolio of fine wines and spirits.
Do you need a Boutique Hotel that goes beyond luxury ?
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